We believe that cannabis can be a catalyst for both personal empowerment and societal change. We exist to provide safe, consistent, reliable products with only the most wholesome ingredients for maximum well-being, and to provide accurate, relevant information about the proven health benefits of cannabis.


A veteran of the cannabis industry, James has successfully launched and operated dispensaries in California and Oregon. He is dedicated to moving humanity forward by positively impacting the individual.

Management Consultant

Erai is currently helping advise Sol Marketing as a management consultant on their work with Humanity. A successful serial health entrepreneur, Erai has created multiple successful health startups, earning combined 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue. Erai’s most recent CBD cannabis startup helped shift federal legislation in Brazil, legalizing CBD and cannabis, and allowing the government of Brazil to purchase and distribute CBD to their epileptic patients for free. Erai’s work has also recently led to CBD being approved for the treatment of cancer.