Humanity Capsules

Humanity THC+ Capsules

Humanity THC+ Capsules

Humanity THC+ Capsules are the solution that adults seeking a safe, consistent cannabis experience have always wanted. Our 100% vegan capsule is activated with BioKanna THC, a break-through powdered form of whole-plant cannabis. Discover your baseline safely and comfortably, in dosage options of 1mg, 2mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 25mg.

Enjoy Humanity THC+ Capsules by taking a small amount, increasing slowly over time until you find your perfect balance of efficacy and comfort. Then arrive at your ideal personalized dose of the highest-quality THC available anywhere.

Humanity THC+ Capsules are activated with a blend of nutritive fats, including MCT Oil and Algal DHA.


  • THC (from 40 mg BioKanna┬« Cannabis Powder)(5mg)

Other Ingredients: MCT Oil, Algal DHA, Coconut Oil, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin, Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Organic Brown Rice Powder as Organic Nu-Flow

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